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Terms and conditions of the contract process

At Madrid Plaza Apartments, we believe that the only way to do things is with transparency. Here, we inform you about the process to follow in renting an apartment.


The prices shown on this site do not include VAT, the prices quoted for each apartment must apply the VAT rate in effect at all times.

All our apartments are priced per night on weekdays:

Standard: € 110

Premium: € 135

With terrace: € 135

Deluxe: € 160

Deluxe Plus: € 250

And a different price per night in weekend (Friday and Saturday) and holiday eve:

Standard: € 140

Premium: € 165

With terrace: € 165

Deluxe: € 190

Deluxe Plus: 320 €

Increment per additional person:

Each of our apartments has a basic occupancy of 2 people, except for our Deluxe Plus apartments with a basic occupancy of 4 people.

The price increase for each additional person to this basic occupation will be 15 € / night regardless of the type of apartment. The maximum number of people per apartment will be 4, except in the Deluxe Plus apartments, which have a maximum occupancy of 6 people.

Children under 14 years free of charge.

Formalize your apartment reservation

Immediately after you make your reservation request, we will contact you with the necessary confirmation information. To obtain our reservation confirmation, please pay 25% of the rental price in advance. You may do this by transfer, credit card, or deposit to the following account: SWIFT CODE: DEUTESBB; IBAN: ES70 0019 0489 81 4010013281 Deutsche Bank. You will be responsible for any commissions or additional costs due to the form of payment.

Cancellation Policy

On confirmation of your reservation, if you wish to cancel it, you must request it in writing; you will be reimbursed for the amount paid minus 25% if the request is made at least fifteen days before the arrival date; 50% at least 10 days in advance and 75% at least 5 days before the arrival date. No reimbursement will be made if the cancellation request is made less than 5 days before the indicated arrival date.

Arrival at the apartment

Come to the office of Madrid Plaza Apartments (5º D) to show us your identification, sign the rental contract and the apartment inventory, and pay the rest of the rent by cash or credit card (or show proof of the payment made previously by transfer or deposit in the account: SWIFT CODE: DEUTESBB, IBAN: ES70 0019 0489 81 4010013281 Deutsche Bank). A deposit will be due equivalent  to 10% of the rent; this will be returned to you at the end of the rental period pursuant to the contractual conditions. We will then give you the keys and show you how to use the equipment.

If, during your stay, something breaks or you notice a problem, contact us immediately. If you need information about places of interest in Madrid, please contact our guest services department.


Please let us know your expected arrival time at least 24 hours in advance.


On the day of check-out, we will meet you at a previously agreed time to inspect the apartment.


Only the contractually stipulated number of people may stay in the apartment. No pets are allowed.

Behavioral rules

Please respect, at all times, the rules of coexistence of the community of owners in the building. In the apartment and common areas of the building,  avoid any activities that may be disturbing, damaging, unhealthy, dangerous, illicit, or contrary to the community morality or statutes. No parties may be held. If the neighbors call the police or complain, you will be forced to leave the apartment without the right to compensation or return of the amounts paid.


We accept no liability for the damages that may occur during your stay in the apartment, including and without any limitation, personal damages, death, or loss due to fire, theft, or flood. If you have a confirmed reservation and it is not possible to stay in the apartment of your choice, our liability is limited to full reimbursement of the amounts paid.

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