Madrid Plaza Apartments

What makes us different?

Closeness and communication

We are a family business made up of a highly qualified human group with firm moral and professional principles.

We know that all our efforts only make sense if you obtain the desired experience, which is why we talk and share opinions with our clients to improve our services day by day and learn about their concerns and suggestions at all times.

We distinguish ourselves from other accommodation formats in that in our apartments you can find an atmosphere similar to that of a residential building of owners with the tranquility and security that this brings to the stay.

But without ceasing to have all the services we offer, as well as the permanent attention of our multilingual staff.

We respect your INDEPENDENCE

If you are going to spend a long time in Madrid, it is logical that you want to enjoy a normal life without unnecessary inconveniences, that you have the independence to come and go without having to be «accountable» to anyone.

For this reason, we are committed to respecting your privacy and helping you only when you ask us to. Know that you can count on us whenever you need it.

QUALITY over quantity

At Apartamentos Madrid Plaza we move away from the traditional hotel model, we seek professional excellence above all else and we put all our efforts into making you feel unique and special.

For this reason, we have a small number of apartments, only in this way can we guarantee that exclusive treatment that defines and differentiates our service from that of our competition.

ECO-FRIENDLY Accomodation

We are very respectful of the environment, and therefore our building is ECO-FRIENDLY: We adjust the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer according to the outside climate.

In this way we optimize energy resources to leave the minimum carbon footprint.

PRIVILEGED LOCATION in the heart of Madrid

One of the most obvious advantages that our apartments offer is their excellent location. A select, quiet and comfortable environment in the heart of the city.

Being at number 6 of the Plaza de España places you close to everything: restaurants, shows, monuments, shopping areas, offices, embassies…

So that you can enjoy everything that surrounds you, we will provide you with a practical guide that we are sure will be very useful.

COMFORT above trends

We take great care of the decoration, creating warm and welcoming environments. Since our guests often spend long periods with us, we consider it essential that they feel like they are at home.

Our apartments have first-class furniture, but we avoid unnecessary luxury; An avant-garde art sofa is of no use if it is uncomfortable… lie down and rest as if you were in the living room at home.

Renovated and accessible ENVIRONMENT

The remodeling of the Plaza de España, the expansion of the sidewalks, the reduction of road traffic, and the adaptation of the entire area with more trees and pedestrian areas, allows you to enjoy quiet walks in the heart of Madrid.

Like the one that can take us to the Royal Palace or the Sabatini Gardens without having to meet any vehicle and without having to cross any traffic lights and therefore without having to endure the noise and stress that traffic generates.

Madrid Plaza Apartments, the authentic nerve center of Madrid