Terms and Conditions

At Apartamentos Madrid Plaza we believe that the only way to do things is with transparency. Here we inform you about the process to follow when hiring an apartment.

#1. Prices

All our apartments have a price per month (check rates for other types of stays):


Standard: Month – €2,000 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €66.66)
Premium: Month – €2,550 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €83.33)
With terrace: Month – €2,850 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €95)
Deluxe: Month – €2,850 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €95)


Deluxe Plus: Month – €3,400 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €103.33)
Deluxe Plus Superior: Month – €4,500 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €150)
Deluxe Plus Superior Panoramic: Month – €4,700 VAT INCLUDED (approximate resulting rate per night €156.66)
In addition, we have special prices and conditions for companies and long stays, which must be consulted directly with the establishment.

#2. Increase per additional person:

Each of our apartments has a basic occupancy of 2 people, except our Deluxe Plus and Deluxe Plus Superior apartments whose basic occupancy is 4 people.

The price increase for each additional person to this basic occupancy will be €15/night regardless of the type of apartment. The maximum number of people per apartment will be 4, except in the Deluxe Plus apartments, which have a maximum occupancy of 6 people.

Children under 14 years of age without extra cost.

#3. Formalize the apartment reservation

Immediately formulate your reservation request, we will contact you to provide you with the necessary information to proceed with its confirmation.

To obtain our reservation confirmation it is necessary to pay an amount of 25% of the rental price in advance, which is the guarantee amount that will be returned at the end of the stay. You can do it by transfer, credit card or deposit into a checking account. Any commissions or additional costs derived from the payment method will be your responsibility.

#4. Cancellation policy

Once your reservation is confirmed, if you need to cancel it, you must request it in writing and the amount delivered will be refunded, with a 25% discount if the request is made at least 21 days prior to the arrival date; 50% if it occurs at least 14 days in advance and 75% if it occurs at least 7 days in advance of the entry date.

No amount will be refunded if the cancellation request is made less than 7 days in advance of the indicated entry date.

For clients already staying with stays of 3 months or more, it will be necessary to notify 1 month in advance for any change or cancellation.

#5. Arrival at the apartment

We will contact you 72 hours before arrival to coordinate the delivery of keys. Please go to the Apartamentos Madrid Plaza office (5º D) to show your identification, sign the rental contract, and pay in cash or credit card the remainder of the rent and the deposit/deposit, which will be returned to the termination of the lease in accordance with the contractual conditions. After that, we will give you the keys and show you how to use the equipment.

If something breaks or you notice any damage during your stay, contact us immediately. If you need information about places of interest in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department.

#6. Check-in time

You must inform us of your expected arrival time at least 24 hours in advance.

#7. Departure time (check-out)

At least 24 hours before the day of departure (check-out), we will contact you by WhatsApp to give you departure instructions.

#8. Safe deposit-box

If your apartment has a safe deposti box, please take out your belongings during office hours the day before check-out, in case there is a problem, so that we can open it with the emergency key. THE LESSOR is not responsible for any object deposited in the safe.

#9. Occupation

Only the contractually stipulated number of people may stay in the apartment.

#10. Standards of Conduct

You must respect at all times the rules of good coexistence of the community of owners in which the property is integrated and may not carry out annoying, harmful, unhealthy, dangerous, illicit or contrary activities in the apartment or in the common areas of the building. morals or the statutes of the community.

Under no circumstances is the celebration of parties or loud music that disturbs neighbors permitted. If the neighbors call the police or complain, you will have to vacate the apartment without the right to compensation or refund of the amounts paid.

#10. Responsibility

We are not responsible for damages that may occur during your stay in the apartment, including without limitation, personal injury, death, and loss due to fire, theft, or flood. In the event that you have a confirmed reservation and it is not possible to accommodate you in the apartment of your choice, the responsibility will be limited to a full refund of the amounts paid.